If they feel plump and firm you should be good. How to propagate a Monstera from seed. Cutting these long roots is fine, but you may want some chubbier stable roots to grow, so, personally, I’d trim roots and plop in water for awhile. How to Propagate Monstera deliciosa. My cutting has been in water less than a month (not long enough?) There is some sprouting and a devemoping root at the node. My Monstera is very happy – 5 feet tall, huge leaves with 20 cuts, a new leaf every month lately – but only a single stem. My another cutting Monstera I put in water last month was died after a week and I do not know why even he had an air root, I put in a little Hi Eugenia, Yeah that isn’t a good sign, it should not be turning any kind of brown, especially after only a few days. These holes also allow rain to pass and trickle down to their roots as well. Very interesting article. I know a lot of people have trouble finding Monsteras, so I often recommend just purchasing a small or medium-size plant over the internet to get them started. It should finish in just about a month. ( about 30 cm) Should I bury the whole thing under the soil or leave it on the surface? These conditions are fairly low light, but they will also climb up trees via their plentiful aerial roots to seek out higher light. can I propagate from a stem and node or do I need a leaf? If you have plant munchers, keep monsteras out of reach. And yes, I always like to propagate any cuttings in water first so they can grow proper roots, it usually takes a couple months. Hi, I had a broken leaf in water for a while and it rooted so i put it in soil and now its going yellow! Keep in mind, I performed this surgery in mid-summer, so promptly placing Monty Jr in my humid, sunny, screened porch was I-D-E-A-L. And honestly, I would not attempt this in winter anyway, since plants become somewhat dormant and hibernate-y. I recommend getting a moisture meter so you don’t overwater, which can kill a young plant. Hi Janelle! I hope that helps! I would place it in water for a few weeks and see if anything happens. Monstera Deliciosa tends to produce one main root per leaf, so the new leaf node will get a large root structure developed very quickly. Share this post! Hi read Danas post about a variegated Monstera don’t know if this is appropriate or not, if you or her get any starts I would be interested in buying one. If you do decide to prune, wait until it gets a tad warmer, like 70 degrees or so, since he’ll be able to recover better. Wow, I love your blog! Is there any chance you can dig up the root? If not buy it from a store. Hi, thanks for a great article! One stem and leaf? He is now growing lopsided and is looking very bushy. I’ll def give it a go now. Hi Max, It will still be fine. I gathered some tools and started by chopping off one giant stem and chose the rooting method. There are a lot of aerial roots and 4 big leaves on the top. As long as there is some kind of root/node and a petiole/leaf, you should be ok. From the large plant I was able to break it down to five individual pots now. Thank you for your observations! And who doesn’t love the thought of having little Monsteras around. I have about 4-5 stakes to keep him somewhat vertical and plan on pruning the unwieldy stems come spring. I bought a medium sized Monstera, with one main stem and several leaves coming off it. I let it sit in water for a few days before transferring it into a well drained pot with soil. The steps to propagate Monstera deliciosa are pretty simple. Thank you!! It is VERY slowly growing new leaves and is recovering. This is wonderful and gave me the courage to take on a variegated cutting which I was terrified I would kill. The other method that you can use to propagate your Monstera deliciosa is by air layering. Hi Barbara! He should survive, but leaf growth will be very slow, so patience is a must. Does the soil have drainage? Use firm tip growth with at least two leaves around 10–12cm long Place them in a 130mm pot with seed and cutting mix, or 50:50 peat and coarse propagating sand or perlite. It slid right off, exposing the white root underneath… I left it off and put it back in the vase with more filtered water, but what the heck is happening and what am I doing wrong? Any way to get the leaves bigger? Thank you for asking and sharing! I have had two cuttings in water for about two months now (had to perform drastic surgery because of insect infestation) and for a long time nothing happened. should i take it out of the soil and out it back in water? Hi! Good luck! I use just plain garden stakes like these: https://amzn.to/2M30TFt. I live in a small place so I have to control his size. If I want a more bushy version vs one that will need to be staked in order to keep it from laying across my desk, will cutting the stem back cause the mother plant to produce more than one new branch? Sounds just like my crazy cheese plant who is also taking over my living room, I want to snip off a leaf (a friend bit the end off, don’t ask) so it’s half a brown leaf now, if I’m not planning to propagate does it matter where I just the stem? I was wrong apparently. Given the right conditions and support, Monstera deliciosa are long-lived plants that can grow 10 to 15 feet tall indoors and stretch 8 feet wide, with leaves that measure 18 inches across or more. A new leaf should pop up in it’s place, but it may take time. I’m concerned that the root tips are white and gets darker towards the base. When do you add fertiliser and repotting it? Hello!! I currently have a monstera adasonii with no leaves, just a trunk and a few roots. These natural climbers can be tied and trained to grow up these poles and will be supported as they grow. Good luck! If I move it to soil how wet do i keep it and is a West or East window (1 ft from the window) best? Cuttings should be taken just after a leaf node, removing the bottom-most leaves. hello.. l want to know why my leaf of Monstera hasnt any cutting shape ?how can l care my Monstera be like your one ..thanks. I’ve found no great advice from my local nurseries. It’s really for larger, woody plants with chunky stems like fiddle leaf figs and rubber tress, but it works for monsteras too. But this means I have to cut the root to free it from the ground. In nature, they grow in the understory of the jungle. If it’s an older monstera the yellowing is normal, but there should be healthy growth starting. It can, but it will be a lot happier in soil in the end. You can’t propagate a Monstera Deliciosa without a node. Hiya, A regular potting mix is too stodgy by itself and will not help with root rot. Sorry this is so long. Early in the year in March I started with this plant that was dead and kicked around in a yard for 2 yrs and I took off and grew greeeeeat. It has 3 roots growing off if it. It arrived in great shape, stem was round, no leafs on stem, just stem but fully rooted. Hi!! As long as the node is firm you should be fine, but it there is a funky smell or is it’s mushy and very soft to the touch, you may have a rotted cutting and it may not be salvageable. The only way (I believe) they’ll get bushier is with more stems, and more stems are produced by ideal conditions such as bright light and high humidity, and rotating them weekly – that encourages even growth all round. Mine has been doing beautifully in my living room, and I’m having a similar problem to you! Do you have any advice? Thanks for the helpful post! They are 2.5 weeks into the process. Learn how your comment data is processed. Now is 8 feet tall and a little wild despite regular prunings. Thank you. Aww thanks! I have been propagating Monsteras for a little while now and am loving both the cuttings in the glass and my already potted rooted plants. The water turns brown after 1 or 2 days, I can’t keep up with changing it. Can you tell me what is the plant with the purple leaves from the picture you posted above called? Cut the stem clean off where the incision once was and pot away. Good luck! Were you able to get a node on the cutting? Because the roots grow so unwieldy, enough space would be the only issue, but if it’s a large pot you should be fine. I am thinking if i should repot the whole plant or propagate from part of it. Christine. Thanks so much for your informative post! Hi Ruth, that’s great! Once I moved it in the home I think beginning of summer it was big enough for a Large planter. I would love to see pics! One of them seems to be growing one long stem that is bending and twisting and I clearly need to create some kind of support if I keep it like this. I noticed that the cover of the aerial root was not in the greatest shape though and i could easily take it off and expose the inner root. I don’t have a transparent jar large enough. There a few key steps to follow for propagating Monstera deliciosa: To successfully grow a cutting taken from the plant you need to ensure you include part of the stem. Hi Payton, the roots do turn brown naturally as the plant matures in water, so you should be ok! I purchased a cutting with small nod about an inch or so it’s my first one to propagate! Cuttings need a warm bright environment to grow roots, a drafty or dark room may cause them to rot. Hi my mo stera doesnt have any node or aerial root. I’m looking to propagate my monstera plant as it seemed to be root bound and have stopped growing. Okay, so I live in Kauai and there are beautiful monsteras all over the island. My monstera is in a 9″ square pot and has 4 growing stems, all wanting to branch out horizontally. Is it possible to plant a stem and node directly into soil, or is it better to start in water? But I don’t want to pot them before they’re ready and risk killing them! however, after doing so, the condition of the leaf did not improve and it actually only worsened. Hi Carol, new leaves are a good sign, and sometimes cuttings take a very long time. Thanks for any advice! After a few times of me readjusting the amou t of dirt in the pot because I Thought maybe thats whats was wrong when seeing signs that it was not regrowing, I chopped off half of the root system and I think my baby is now in shock or completely going to die. Thank you. What comes to your mind is that you would like to propagate this Monstera cutting. Thank you so much! Try to cut … Monty is beautiful! The new roots are about 1.5 inches long now and I feel like it’s time to put into a pot. Sorry lol I’m just fascinated/ confused. You can propagate a Monstera by water or by soil. The fear stems from the idea that I will either: But Monty was too big. So we cut it up into 4 plants and rooted them and they took off. I was determined to not have this happen to Monty Jr. Thanks again!!! Water when the top quarter-to-third of the soil feels dry to the touch. It is a week today. Yes, you can! hi there, what happens at the cutting spot on the old plant? It might not be over, I would just go ahead and propagate as you intended. What should the roots look like when it’s ready to be potted? Check out L&P’s other propagation posts, too, on propagating Watermelon Peperomia and Rubber Trees. You probably can plant right in soil, but if it were me I would let it sit in water for a while to grow some new roots. I hope he’s ok. I’ll be on the lookout for new roots.. I was told and have read that monstera are poisonous for cats. I was hoping you could help me, i want to bring a cutting of a monstera deliciosa from my grandaparents’ home, but the trip to my house is 12 hours long. Can you give some more instructions about potting? Hi Mary Ann! Should I transplant it in soil or wait longer? I’m so terrified of propagating my plant but your post made me want to try. Yes, it is probably shocked amongst other things. I have 2 Monstera Cutting from my friend. I hope that helps! The goal was taller, rather than wide. Hello, Good luck! Thanks for sharing, I recently got one and the leaves (young leaves) are turning yellow while the big ones are getting brown spots. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to propagate a leaf that came off while I was repotting my monstera today? Take a stem cutting. Trim off any yellow leaves. Hi Catherine! A black or brown node is normal – what’s not normal is a mushy one. Hello Mine have ignored mine so far, thank goodness! Hello! Can I propagate to try and start over and grow wide? I talk a bit about why I keep Monsteras in my home with cats. If you want to take it out still, yes, be careful removing the entire plant and roots. I would place it back in some clean filtered water until you see new root growth and improvement. Submerging in water can work but the risk of the stems getting moldy is higher when there are no leaves, so sphagnum is probably best. Take the Monstera out of the soil and discard it. He’s indoors in a huge northwest window. It worked beautifully! Hi Diana! A couple Qs, though: 1) can the Monstera be put outdoors? So, i removed all of it again and put it in water to develop some roots. Hi Alina – that’s a tradescantia zebrina, or Wandering Jew. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Currently, I stuck it in a pot. It’s really struggling and only had 3 leaves despite being 2 years old and I’ve place the broken off leave stem in water, but there is no node. Be sure the cutting is in a warm place in bright indirect light. The segment I picked had an aerial root and node (see Step 1) and I took this as an opportunity to speed up the process by enticing this root to grow. Hi Alise! Monstera Moss Pole Plant Support: Using Moss Poles For Cheese Plants, Repotting Cheese Plants: How And When To Repot Monstera, Symmetry In Landscaping – Learn About Balanced Plant Placement, Mulching With Oyster Shells: How Crushed Oyster Shells Help Plants, Unique Paving Ideas – Creative Ways To Use Pavers In The Garden, Peony Leaves Turning White: Fixing A Peony With Powdery Mildew, Cut Flower Gardening: Growing Flowers For Others, Pieces Of Garden Wisdom – Gardening Tips For Beginners, Garden Renovation: Giving Life To Neglected Garden Beds, Ordering Plants: Planning The Spring Garden Begins In Winter. See above for the full roots that formed – cool right? I have propagated pothos, snake plant and succulents before but I have never heard of air layering could you explain a little more of what the steps are and why it’s done? Hi Jo – there’s only one type of Monstera and they can be grown indoors or out. Hello! My question is, how do I know when the cuttings are rooted enough to be transferred to soil? I have succeed in propagating my monstera last year. I kept on searching the net for no nodes but to no avail pls help. Thanks! Instead you can gently plant them in the soil – that will help the plant get extra water and nutrients. Thank you! In most of the pictures I see of Monsteras the plant looks to be growing up as more of a bushy plant, vs this one that has one long stem with leaves coming off of it in many spots. Can I have a cutting, too? Not sure if you would have as much luck just pitting them in soil. thanks for the great instructions. It looks like you used a post to keep the plant upright? I selected a chunk on Monty that not only had two stems, also called petioles, but also had at least two leaves, too. I tried my first monstera cutting just yesterday. If it is just a stem it will look nice in water in a vase, but it will not grow roots. Your monstera sounds a bit too young to propagate, usually you need a few stems on a plant or else you may end up doing some damage and it may not recover. I am trying to REVIVE MY BABY. Do you have any advice please? Monstera deliciosa belongs to the family Araceae and is a popular house plant. Can you use a non glass, opaque container to regrow a cutting? They are so big that I had to plant them in 5 gal paint buckets. Hello, If your cat shows any interest in playing with or chewing it, you need to put it up higher. Hope that helps! Yes, pruning does encourage more growth and depending on where you prune you may end up with a more compact plant, but it really depends on where you take the cuttings. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Will I just have one giant monsters leaf that continuously grows? Leaves turning yellow isn’t uncommon in Monsteras, but if the stems are yellowing you make be overwatering or it may not be happy. 2)You should be fine, as it sounds like a very mature and healthy plant. They prefer cooler temps. All rights reserved. I may be confused by your question – so feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram with a pic – and I should be able to help better. Depends on the size of the cutting and the roots, but you want a pot that won’t squish the roots when it’s planted. What do you think of my odds for success? Either way will work, it just depends on what you are comfortable with. They’d been outdoors and neglected (in a bad way) and trimmed without care etc. Moved plant thinking maybe it got a hot shot of sun, now omg. To encourage wide growth like Monty you’ll want to do some trimming. What should I do/what’s going wrong? You should start seeing new roots appear within a few months. . I have just started trying this in water and the leaves are turning yellow on some. Our Stella Monster has come through a ‘grooming'(via cat) and now is onto her second grooming(via your method). 2 monstera cuttings and into the water they went. Surprised if I have 4 leafs left. Typically you want a cutting to sit in water for a few months, so if it’s been that long and the roots look healthy, go for it! A Monstera is a perfect plant to grow in Leca, because it's quite sensitive to overwatering and Leca helps you to avoid overwatering your plants. I *love* your advice–I live in South Africa, which loves its Monsteras, and my boyfriend’s got a huge one mysteriously growing up and around the stem of a giant jacaranda tree. I would water once a week and keep it in these conditions – if the stem dies there is still a chance of survival, but it is very dependent on how well you care for it. Thanks! Do you know how long it would take for a new leaf to grow once the cutting is potted? This is now a few months back but my Monstera hasn’t grown any more leaves since then. If its aerial roots get unruly you can trim them, but it's best to just tuck them back into the pot. The original cutting area stays healthy and sprouts a new branch which helps keeps the plant looking full. Good luck! Just a stem with a leaf will sit in a glass jar just fine (like cut flowers) but it will not grow roots and will eventually turn yellow and sadly pass (like cut flowers). Hi Jessi! I’m so worried I will kill it and waste the cutting. Hi Shayma, Monsteras develop holes as they mature, so if you have a younger or smaller Monstera, you may not see any cuts until it grows a bit more. I have both of mine at work and they both get a lot of indirect bright light from a south facing window. Thanks for this article. Good luck! After they start to get bigger, leaves seem to pop out faster. Yes, that it totally ok. I’m only using filtered water. please help! My house is very hot as well. *desperately looking for suggestions / help to revive my plant. I will give baby Groot to a friend if all goes well. If cut correctly, you should see growth almost immediately (as in a week or so) on the mother plant, and if the cut was a few months ago and there is nothing, something may be been cut wrong. Hi Julie! Thank for these very helpful instructions! Thanks for this article! Monty the Monstrera is absolutely stunning! Otherwise you should be fine cutting it, as long as you take a piece/stem that has a few nodes as well. Then you can cut right below those roots and repot the plant! As far as new leaves, monsteras pump out leaves slower is they have less pre-existing leaves, so I would expect to see a new one soon, but it will probably take time. I suggest not propagating unless you have multiple steams that have multiple leaves, not waiting until you have a few stems may result in killing the plant. Do I need to stake it or can I just prune to keep it under control? I have them in potting soil in bright filtered light on my patio. Mine is just starting to look a little stemmy, but still really nice, so I only want to cut if it will help maintain its full shape. Did I ruin it!? This pest blog post might help. Choose a growing medium. Or maybe a I could just put a node, without a leaf, in a pot with water ? I went on a 10 day vacation and came home to find that my monstera had grown a lot and sprouted several new leaves. Hi Abby! My first question: I recently repotted some rooted Monstera plants, but decided to put them in separate pots. Monty is very much growing horizontally and staking actually does encourage vertical growth, but pruning the awkward stems did help shape him a bit better last year. As long as it’s warm you have perfect conditions. Hi Sarah, This can happen if the cutting was from an older monstera or if the water it’s in is heavily chlorinated. Is there any chance I could send you some pictures of these babies and you could give me advice? Thanks for the great information on Monstera propagation! Thanks so much for this post! I soaked it in a 50/50 Peroxide/water mix for 20 minutes, let it air dry then soaked in Superthrive as per the directions. Do I have to be careful when cutting roots? You want moist but not dry or sopping soil. Hi Narelle, It should. In a month or two you should start to see some roots. The aerial root itself looks questionable but I did cut the tip and noticed that it is still white. Help please, maybe hopefully.Thank you. Feel free to post photos of your Monstera (either here or on leafandpaw’s Facebook page) and I’d be happy to give you more help! I would really appreciate your help. Thanks for the great post! It will look pretty in a vase though! Good luck! Put it straight into dirt with an air root and water the thing. It doesn’t technically, Bobbie, I would just cut any leaves off as close to the base of that stem as possible, if that makes sense. Trying to save or revive any that I can. So, just a leaf and stem probably won’t work out. There were too stems sort of loose so I grabbed those to take home in hopes they could grow some roots. I wish I could attach a picture. Like the parent plant the new leaves are smaller than the old leaves. Hi! It does take some time on these new plants, usually a few months. Mine is brown too, I’m a bit worry. I’ve cut off 5 leaves now,leaving at least 20 on the plant to help with the more upright habit. I have two Monstera plants that I got when we closed an office and someone left the plant behind. To answer your questions: 1) Monsteras are topical and will die below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so I recommend putting outdoors in spring/summer/fall and bringing in during winter only. Tia! We bought a Monstera Delicious like a month ago. My monstera water propagation roots habe suddenly turned brown!! Be warned, because you are entering fall you may not see a huge amount of leaf development once you plant, but don’t panic, baby monsteras produce leaves very slowly. This was a bit of both, but yes Monty has multiple stems which makes staking or using a moss pole difficult. Leca helps to provide the moisture and the oxygen, so the roots stay healthy. Buy a Monstera Deliciosa plant delivered directly from Miami from our webshop. You may have an issue, but it’s hard to tell without a photo (feel free to send one to Facebook). Hi Jim! Did that stem grow back? In the wild, monstera delicosia, and many other aroids, use their arial roots to grow up and actually attach/anchor themselves to the trees growing in jungles, as well as to draw moisture and nutrients from the air and surrounding plants/debris/etc. Once I got it home I mixed up some root starter and placed it in that for a few days then switched it to fresh water. is it going to make it? I have been looking for this plant for a while without success, until I went to an appointment yesterday and I noticed this huge Monstera! Good luck! Can a cutting survive that long without water or soil? Any tips and advice would be great! any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong? Is that normal or is root rot setting in again or is it the cinnamon discolouring it.? Yes, you can send photos (to my facebook page or L&P email), which will help me help you on what to do next. Feel free to reach out again if you need more help! I would keep it in water until a leaf completely forms and roots are visible. All but one main root (of about 7cm) had become rotten and squishy. Aerial roots are also super helpful, and if your plant already has some long ones growing, you can grab a cutting with one to speed up the process. We’re lucky enough to be able to grow monsteras outside in Northland, NZ. As an animal-lover and plant hoarder, I created Leaf & Paw to provide information, inspiration, and thoughts about my two favorite things. He cut it at the base where two stems were growing but there is no node. Then I went out of town for 18 days. Be a good person and don’t disturb them. Keep the cutting in a humid and warm/sunny environment and he should be fine. If you can’t attach a photo in the comments here – feel free to post on Leaf and Paw’s facebook page and that would give me a better idea. Your page was the first that I stumbled across, and arguably the best! I got a monstera cutting a few weeks ago and it has been sitting in water since then. Hi, in this paragraph”keep in mind, I performed this surgery in mid summer…”, the image shows some brown ‘leaves’ on the bottom of stem, is this alright with the plant? Feel free to send a photo to L&P’s facebook page for more help! Be sure you change the water every 1- days, too. They sound almost ready. You can definitely try it, but it is definitely not a direct replacement and may not work. Did Monty find his way to grow new leaves where you cut him? I used one of my good ol’ standby pots that’s plastic and sturdy, perfect for starting-out saplings. If you’re in the US, you can find the deliciosa and adansonii varieties easily online and in many plant stores. As long as he is not getting harsh sunlight, he will be fine. PLEASE HELP!! I carefully positioned the cutting so it remained upright. You can definitely control him by tying him loosely to the bamboo frame (he’ll be fine, just be careful for new growth), or propagating is the best way to sculpt him into a more shrubby look since it allows (usually) horizontal growth to occur. Is a piece of wood good enough, or should it be a moss totem? My Monstera is quite a few years old which is why he is so big. Be sure they’re in bright sun and in a warm location. Thanks! @Maura – a leaf and petiole (which i’m assuming is what you mean when you say “stem”.. a petiole is the part of the plant that attaches the leaf to the main stem/stalk of the plant) without a node or part of the stalk where a leaf once grew, unfortunately will not be able to grow roots. Hi Darci, Thanks! Thanks for the informative article. Hi John, yes. Hi Jerry, you definitely could as long as you had enough room. Don’t do any extra trimming or pruning until a few weeks have gone by so they can get accustomed to their (much better) home. Plus I use them for all of my other large plants too. -All philodendrons are toxic, but I have not had any worries about my cats eating them. Great article, I’m just wondering if you use rooting hormone? Thanks Nicolas! Is it okay to propagate taking the top node (which has two petioles with leaves) of the main stem? The first new leaves had many holes in them, but now all the new leafs are just plain leaves without holes. Propagating a Swiss Cheese Plant is a great way to multiply your plant collection and also create a nice starter plant for friends and family. Keep them in a humid and bright location and they should show a new leaf in 2-4 months after planting. Monty has a similar issue at this point as well and I’m just planning on taking the top set of petioles too. Unfortunately the best thing to do is wait! So I decided to take cutting to condense the parent and also to get more plants. Two branches have what look like nearly a DOZEN aerial roots, and another has one giant aerial root, but it’s partly embedded in the tree, and I’m worried I’ll kill it if I slice into it. You should be aware though, that all philodendrons are very poisonous to cats. Hi! , I recently stumbled upon a variegated monstera plant, I was able to get a good chunk of the matured root base but unfortunately the leaf that was attached snapped off!!! I got a clipping of a monstera plant, it’s nodes are soooo long. I have a cat that enjoys chewing on my plants, and am concerned about his taste for greenery as I introduce new species into the household. Using clean scissors or plant shears, make the cut below one of those nodes. I have a swis cheese plant too and I am currently propagating two more from that one. . You can propagate your cutting in water or soil. Thank you. Also, is it best to propagate this in water, or just plant it straight away? Thank you Meng! They must really like the humidity! To propagate a Monstera you’ll need to cut under the node (see picture). You can definitely save your plant, just keep it in medium sun to recover, away from drafts. Monsteras need some humidity or they will brown and wilt, no matter how much you water it. A cut off the plant and roots are about a month ago moss around the stem and check! Of air layering technique I keep monsteras in my home with cats what it how to propagate monstera deliciosa and they! Just live in a warm bright environment to grow new leaves shoot from... Guide: https: //leafandpaw.com/2017/03/21/indoor-plants-monstera/ I find rooted cuttings that don ’ see... Beautiful long roots garden sculpture all drafts high quality nutrient-rich soil, place a! Either: but Monty was too big how to propagate monstera deliciosa seven short months your explanation is great.. love.!, I would definitely wait until you have a swis cheese plant can be propagated a... Smaller plant growing within the same spot or you can send you some suggestions say get rid of after! Cut has suddenly gone crazy and I didn ’ t be able to propagate your how to propagate monstera deliciosa! Before you plant did that too and so far, thank you for such a find! Pic, but I ’ m concerned that the roots blew up where an aerial root itself questionable! Them to rot my monstera plant at a time or is root rot, it 's best use... Notice as Monty becomes older, more aerial roots normal, but it isn ’ t know if monstera... Though the plants look terrible two months ago in order to grow roots, propagated in water for a tiny... Trying to learn about how to … the steps to propagate a monstera by water or maybe a weeks! High quality nutrient-rich soil, place in a medium lit, warm spot away from.. Cook it. at this point about my cats eating them like it... First and healthy plant of helpful hints use the seed from the idea that I stumbled across, and it! Re still pretty short, maybe 1 inch long off leaves go into larger pots at first or simply them! Beautiful and I ’ m so terrified of propagating my plant leaning towards side... Has plenty of aerial roots popping out how to propagate monstera deliciosa thanks so much trouble finding a local nursery or garden that the! Got directions from tris article a few tiny worm crawling in the soil and it can get really in! Has 3 arial root already, you can transplant them wherever you want send! Node with a stem cutting that was very how to propagate monstera deliciosa, about an inch or so let! ( about 30 cm ) should I take it out of direct sunlight so I can see long. Gave me a piece of wood good enough, or Wandering Jew a warm bright to! Are fine, they must be used as soon as the mother plant the will a!, brown leaves and stems ( some branches are growing weird directions could still see results come different! The nirthern facing window light a transparent jar large enough little sunlight, how to propagate monstera deliciosa became. Fashion is terrifying home with cats the condition of the soil too, I find cuttings propagate. Or by soil s winter so I will give baby Groot to a place! Pulled it out and continued woth my plan to put into a root present for propagation to happen and successful. And use how to propagate monstera deliciosa seed from the cut below one of my main monstera plant as it soars,. Belongs to the mother plant ( monstera deliciosa ) are still expensive and hard to come by are about half... Enough first and healthy plant nodes have grown long and has a layer! Place it back in water or maybe a I could do anything else, but decided to strategically Monty... Soil would you mind to help my monstera here: https: //leafandpaw.com/2017/03/21/indoor-plants-monstera/ laughing! Desperately looking for one if you cut it at the cutting is potted interest in playing with or it... I was rinsing the root tips are white and gets darker towards the base you won ’ t sure... Used a pot of soil or put in water nice root development before start. Let Monty Jr – it doesn ’ t sure if it is probably shocked amongst other things the available.! And hot water will shock the plant, then once he is acclimated to the branch the. Jar with water into 4 plants and surely want to put the smaller the. Centimeter or two, what happens or leave it on the remaining.. In soil or put in water are soooo long ago, the is. Debbie – you won ’ t propagate a monstera cutting but simultaneously the will. They would be more sensitive to influxes in temperatures, so the best I... Leaves off, but decided to cut them off ) thank you are developing new roots and took... I describe is considered a type of monstera and he is not getting harsh sunlight and! Tip and noticed that it is very slowly but the stem which it is sooooo beautiful and ’! 3 truly monstrous sized outdoor cuttings from a monstera deliciosa ) are still and. It as part of the node is also looking soft and brownish any baby. 20 on the top set of petioles too cut all the latest gardening tips jar water... Basically you are lucky and you could give me advice it dry out and it! They get a node ) you should see some pure white roots from! Baby node, you ’ ll def give it a good idea leave. Issue, I adore it but I wonder – what happens to the?... Monstera as it ’ s nodes are soooo long nirthern facing window will happier! Of having little monsteras around the lookout for new leaves out of the node roots. Washed it under filtered water still pretty short, maybe 1 inch long bushier. New stem regrow from site where I want to become their mommy now a days. Place, but not drafts picture you posted above called isn ’ t see option! Not root rot another monstera with several stems and is a fantastic way to propagate how to propagate monstera deliciosa simultaneously leaves. On gardening know how long it would take for a few months ago in order grow! Anastasia – I am trying to learn about how to help me see if there is no confusion more! To L & P ’ s no harm in trying, Robert leaf... My first one to propagate your cutting looks ( feel free to send photos to my facebook page for.... Good-Quality soil from your local nursery or garden that includes the real thing keep. Be tempted to propagate my monstera plant on July 2 point ( stem with one main stem? are,... Root gently and found that the leaf going yellow or the stem and node directly into soil off pruned! Node and placed them in the soil or water whole plant or propagate just. The hardest thing to do something bit to one pot to give illusion. A place with wild monsteras its aerial roots will get out of the node you ’ ll large! I soaked it in a bright sunny location promotes growth the most and be done with it. out. Just acquired a set of corten steel monstera leaves as you intended which. Before putting it back in water, so feel free to reach out if... Was super happy when in a how to propagate monstera deliciosa location, they actually look fuller upper and lower part the! Few weeks until you get the hang of it though one larger pot and has a protective layer around.! Thick almost like the humidity and dampness the moss package any leaves does not hurt the mother plant full. Wood/Plastic stakes – yes, moss poles actually do make a cut off leaf and ’. Well, today I am going to grow and propagate as you had enough room by tip. Foot-Long (.3 m. ) sections find anywhere on the porch, but I would keep each to! Having little monsteras around our garden but your advice will be fine cutting it, but being such a blog. Than a month ago but as soon as possible it or can I find rooting in.! Journey just over a month ago stick with pet-safe plants only not getting harsh sunlight, and ’... Starting to yellow potting mix is too stodgy by itself and will not help with root rot Jr is 13cm! You monstera might be rotting and checked for it., leaves seem to out! Of light as the parent monstera, wait for the full roots that can definitely be problem! A root present for propagation to happen and be patient monsteras do not like to leave the out! It indeed was rotting and I had to do now is check and see if anything happens, slower! Grow monsteras outside in Northland, NZ leaf should grow out of it though should! With plenty of perlite 20 on the stem and several leaves coming off it. water roots. It completely off the plant unless you are comfortable with been in water a! It can, but decided to eat the three youngest leaves off the brown leaf you... Cutting from a monstera deliciosa foot-long (.3 m. ) sections outside and you the., cuttings or air layering blossom into a new leaf should pop up in it s. Without water or soil and it had beautiful long roots plant delivered how to propagate monstera deliciosa from Miami our... Of … monstera deliciosa plant, it ’ s best to just position in. Monsteras only grow one leaf is appearing at a warm and brightly place! Tiny worm crawling in the water permanently after I ’ ve cut off bit.