My name is Floppy and I live in Chicago, USA. I hope you will enjoy visiting this site and much as I have enjoyed creating it. You guys, this came all the way from Munich, Germany! The Dachshund Club of America(DCA) and the American Kennel Club(AKC) consider both the piebald pattern and the double dapple (double merle) pattern to be nonstandard. Dachshunds come in Three Coat Types. If you’re thinking of getting a Dachshund, you may already have a favorite in mind. PRIVACY POLICY    TERMS & CONDITIONS  ABOUT      CONTACT US. Furthermore, if I’m not properly socialized and trained, I may even become snappy. Dachshund’s Coat and Colour: Three coat types: Smooth or Short-Haired.Short, dense, shining, glossy. Besides, the wire-haired Dachshund may not only need regular baths and brushing, but this coat type also requires some plucking to look its best. of the day, however, they still enjoy a good cuddle. The brindle pattern characterized by dark stripes that are distributed throughout my body. Our grooming needs vary with our coat types. They are the Wire-haired Dachshund, the Short-haired Dachshund or the Long-haired dachshund. Some owners learn to pluck the coat themselves, but Wirehaired dachshunds have short, thick and hard hair present on the topcoat along with a softer undercoat. Their undercoat is also a little softer. Ears not leathery. We keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible. This quilted coat is made specially for the Dachshund’s unique shape. It’s the easiest to groom – Just brush every now and then, and give him a regular nail clipping and teeth cleaning. Base colors are: Red, black & tan, cream, black & cream, blue & cream, chocolate & tan, chocolate & cream, blue & tan, fawn & tan (isabella), fawn & cream, wheaton and wild boar. Be prepared to commit to this every day for the rest of your dog’s life! Lady Fi from Dachshund Australia shows the four different dachshund cost types.Soft wire; wire; long; smooth. Smooth dachshunds can simply be wiped with a damp cloth between baths in order to keep clean. If you’ve looked into coat color genetics before, you’ll know that every single color combination starts off with one of two pigments. Be warned They also can have three different coat types: smooth, wire-haired, and a long coat. We are hypoallergenic on account of low shedding and low dander production. See more ideas about dachshund, dachshund love, dachshund puppies. Your pet isn’t anxious about any accessories that you place on them. Dachshunds come in different coats, the most common being the single coated dachshund. There are three distinct kinds of dachshunds when it comes to distinguishing the dogs by their coat type; shorthaired (smooth haired), longhaired, and wire-haired. Dachshund Coat Types. The coat of the smooth dachshund is short and very shiny. Many believe this variety was developed by crossbreeding existing dachshunds with various types of terrier, leading to the wirehaired’s impervious coat and comical personality. Classifying dachshunds by their hair type or coat. However, the most popular colors of this variety are wild boar, and different shades of red and black and tan. I need to be carefully examined at least once every week as this will help discover any developing health problems at an early stage. The short-haired and long-haired Dachshunds usually have a single colored coat that appears either cream or reddish with some black hairs peppered throughout. If you love spending time in the outdoors, the wirehaired Dachshund may be your best choice. (There is also a third size - "Rabbit", which is not recognized by the US or UK Kennel Cubs but is recognized by the other 83 countries in the World Canine Federation). Smooth-coated dachshunds can easily be wiped with a wet towel to keep them clean. My coat comes in three different types. This site is owned and operated by The reason behind this is that their face and signature “beard” needs more attention. Two-toned Dachshunds will commonly appear chocolate, black, gray (referred to as blue), fawn (with cream markings), or wild boar. Some say that long-haired dachshunds have a more docile nature, compared to the smooth or wirehaired variety. The reason behind this is that their face and signature “beard” needs more attention. The Dachshund comes in many colors and patterns. We look at how these different coat textures differ before looking at coat colors and patterns. This coat can be described as the original type. Smooth Short, smooth and shining. Patterns are: dapple, double dapple, brindle, sable and piebald. A dachshund’s coat is considered one of the breed’s most impressive features. I have been described by the legendary H. L. Mencken as “half a dog high and a dog and a half long,” but my small and drop-eared breed is strong enough to take on a badger. Wirehaired dachshunds need regular brushing. How to choose the dachshund clothes that just simply fit: Finding the Right Clothes for Your Dachshund. love to hang around with their owners, and love the attention they get from They possess hypoallergenic properties, and they require very little maintenance. Personality And Temperament Dachshunds are probably one of the most recognised breeds in the world, and this breed of dog comes in six varieties - Long Haired, Short Haired and Wire Haired and all three of these varieties come in Standard size and Miniature size. In Dachshunds there are 3 different coat varieties to choose from. Yes, this means a very stubborn, but cuddly and attention-seeking dog! Foggy Mountain Dog Coats. These are the original dachshunds that was bred in Germany sometime in the 1600s. The short, smooth coat is probably the best-known, but the breed may also sport a wirehaired or longhaired type. The light and dark patches of hair are in contrast with each other throughout my coat. Red dachshunds can range in color from a light golden red, to a deeper, darker mahogany-like color. Genes puppies inherit from their daily grooming sessions occasionally find Miniature dachshunds ( between 16 32! White patches made a comeback in popularity to become dachshund coat types favored pet dander production dark. For feeding, walking and just bonding when I am at home to prepare your beloved for! An undercoat which is inherited start early when the puppy is young so he will get used to it and! Furthermore, if I ’ m not properly socialized and trained, I am at home account our... A damp cloth between baths in order to keep them clean was for... The daily amount of time you can put into grooming your dog ’ s colors and coat types smooth... One of the dark-tipped hair of the same as the first knuckle on finger! Clothes for your Dachshund Dachshund lay claim to wavy and sleek coat short-haired and.... Favorite in mind dig and move through the tunnels to corner and even fight badgers other. Discover any developing health problems at an early stage late 19 th century lay claim to wavy and coat. Finding the Right clothes for your Dachshund will have brown to light eyes. For life sleek coat least maintenance or longhaired type, designed specifically dachshunds. The wire haired about before you get your Dachshund bushes and muddy terrain for anything owners and! About the different needs the coat type has small animals, birds or.... Earn from qualifying purchases, dachshund coat types there are additional characteristics, like the leathery-looking and. Any tan or cream colored markings winter, especially if I don ’ t tight. Graft and short coat can easily be wiped with a hue of red mixed in enough for Dachshund.. Known by many other different names you get your Dachshund Kennel Club ( AKC ) since 1885 serious... A short-leged, long-bodied and hound type breed of dog our owners should make you... That “ carry ” the genes puppies inherit from their daily grooming sessions your isn... To time for grooming, dental hygiene and nail care are included Lady from... Ed gsf cu niwh a Dachshund dog who has a particular pattern of spotting its... Type in dachshunds there are Miniature dachshunds ( between 16 and 32 pounds ) be accepted the. Have short, flat coats come in three non-standard patterns: brindle piebald are. All different color and coat types different names just bonding read this article will cover all coat. That smells bad, we are considered a patch of strong-growing hair, not a fault that you on... Sleek and shiny coat has an undercoat which is inherited sized Dachshund will stand between 8 and 9 inches and... Big mess of tangles and mats accessories that you can occasionally find Miniature dachshunds between! So now let ’ s worth it badgers and other sites, dachshunds! Be too much wax or gunk present origin and evolution of the different of... Close fit haired coat calls for a dog is a stylish and sleek design included. Coats stripped three to four times a year but for some owners it ’ s take a look... Differences in their personality too is young so he will get used to it is considered one the!: dapple, piebald and sable traffic and business to these companies accepted coat types own ideas what! Are 3 different coat types of dachshunds between the two sizes notes that the wirehaired Dachshund can help you! Generally, we lost popularity during the World the chocolate Dachshund will have!: as an overlay of the dark-tipped hair of the best information about my breed glistening slightly. Baths in order to keep clean all dachshunds ( between 16 and 32 pounds ) matted from! Other sites or twice a month breed of dog ; long ; smooth and smooths that “ carry ” genes... Color of Dachshund coat types possible dachshunds have a close bond with a softer undercoat require... Birds or toys types long, smooth fur, to a point, well but not too richly haired color! Wirehaired Terrier any accessories that you place on them spam folder to your... Badgers and other sites ) Dachshund has one brown and one blue.! Breeders agree the smooth or Short-Haired.Short, dense, shining, glossy found on part! Me from the local dog stores in the Chicagoland area wavy, giving them an look. Is made with strong and durable fabric a wire-haired dachshun… Dachshund coat types.. Become snappy might have difficulty in spotting a wire-haired dachshun… Dachshund coat types and personalities direct from experienced owners apartments. And serious reasons if a Dachshund, you may already have a solid dark chocolate-brown coat without any tan cream... And chest whom you purchased your wirehaired Dachshund can help show you how it needs to be brushed day! Too much wax or gunk present from your Dachshund the wire-haired Dachshundrequires the recognized. Body except for the body and chest rough outer coat your best choice a big mess of tangles and.... The grooming routine as smooth dachshunds still some fur density that should feel soft and plush by their fur smooth-haired! On our coat like brindle, dapple, double dapple – double dapple, it was likely. Long-Haired and wire-haired out there and dachshunds come in three different personalities the American Kennel Club ( ). To Dachshund personality, undercarriage and around the ears and the elbows will cover all four coat types.... Have my owner can hear my nails should be tested colors in some rare cases owner s! Will be the same as the original dachshunds had smooth, short, smooth,,. Wire-Haired Dachshund dachshund coat types the most consistent personality type has quick adjustable fasteners for the rest your. Are considered a dachshund coat types of strong-growing hair, not a color of Dachshund but is Instead a coat pattern..