I wasn’t interested in opinions. The built in heater is just enough heat to warm the wax melts, tarts, or … Essential oils can pose a toxic risk to household pets, especially to cats. If you simply have to have essential oils in the home, make sure they are kept in a location where your pets cannot come into direct contact with them,” says veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Coates of Fort Collins, Colorado. I bought it because I love candles but the Cats are a nightmare around them! In the essential oil 3-pack, you can usually get three 10-oz. The average cost of an essential oil 3-pack is $29.99. You can make these melts at home and share with family and friends. “Essential oils, which are included in many air freshener products, can be very toxic, especially to cats. – Quora The chemicals from paraffin wax candles can easily build up in our pets' bodies ( not to mention. Scentsy scented candles are safe for pets as they are wickless, flameless and smokeless. Scented wax melts, tarts, or cubes are warmed via an electric wax melt warmer usually containing a small light bulb or built in ceramic heater that is located inside the warmers. You are correct in that they cut out the possible threat from the wick burning, but when the wax is heated, the toxins in the wax are still released, so unfortunately, they aren’t a great option. So Pet House wax melts are COMPLETELY NON-TOXIC. One Fur All 100% Natural Soy Wax Melts in 20+ Fragrances, Pack of 2 by Pet House - Long Lasting Pet Odor Eliminating Wax Melts, Non-Toxic Pet Wax Melts, Made … Wax Melts Poisonous for Cats? 7 years ago. If you use our Wax and Oil Products as directed, in our Scentsy Warmers and Diffusers alike, then they are perfectly safe and non-toxic to be inhaled by humans. As long as you stick with ones that are natural rather than chemically produced scents it's fine. containers of essential oils, therefore costing you around $10 per essential oil bottle. They say you learn something new everyday, and this is the case when I discovered Pawfect Scents Wax Melts. If you are of an age that you might have candles that old, I am, it’s time to replace them. Not only do they have stronger scents, but they have a longer burn time and therefore last longer. (When I look at the list of plants toxic to cats, I wonder how they ever survived!) Essential Oils that are Toxic to Cats. There is an alternative however, it's called Scentsy! They are rapidly absorbed both orally and across the skin, and are then metabolized in the liver. 1 Answer. Cats lack an essential enzyme in their liver and as such have difficulty metabolizing and eliminating certain toxins like essential oils. Non-toxic, biodegradable, derived from a renewable resource; Better for the environment; Use no nasty chemicals to release fragrance; Our Recommendation. Ok, so I feel very naive and stupid right now but I had no idea how dangerous scented wax melts, candles, and plug in air fresheners are! – Supakitare wax melts safe for cats Is it safe to use scented melted wax around pets? I LOVE MY SCENTED CANDLES!!! The internet is bombarded by articles saying how their cats are killed by essential oils … are scented wax melts toxic, are scentsy dangerous to african grey, are wax burners bad for you, are wax melts bad for you, are wax melts harmful, are wax melts safe for breathing, can you use wax melters arounf partots, conure wax burns, is candles and warmers bad for cockatiels. #15 SarahBugz, Oct 10, 2016. They smell magnificent, come in 12 scents are completely safe for your cats, family and the environment. The information is difficult to track down, muddied … Though they may seem safe, regular scented candles are actually a … Some candles, especially paraffin candles, contain things like alkanes and toluene. People have been using scented candles for years trying to mask unpleasant odours in their homes. Westie Mum likes this. Are scented wax cubes toxic? The majority of candles are still made from paraffin, a wax made from petroleum. I live in a one-room college appartment with my cat and for a while I used air freshner and an oil diffusor to keep the house smelling good- but then I read up on how extremely dangerous those can be to cats after my cat started acting a bit sick. These DIY Soy Wax Melts are a wonderful [non-toxic] alternative to the more toxic wax melts. Non-toxic to cats, humans, and dogs you can safely grow them without fear of poisoning kitty! Scanning through testimonies and research studies, science elaborates on the possible effects of several essential oils to the feline species. To paraffin wax candles are chemicals manufactured in a laboratorywhich only adds to the toxic load. Worse, the dyes and scents added to paraffin wax candles are chemicals manufactured in a laboratory—which only adds to the toxic load. I had no idea that burning standard wax melts or scented candles [you know, the type you get in most high street stores] can in fact be harmful to our furry friends.. Are Scented Candles Toxic? mrs phas karma is a funny old thing. If you’re thinking this is bad … Wax Plant (Hoya Carnosa) A climbing plant that has waxy leaves giving rise to its name the wax plant and produces scented flowers making it a very popular house plant. The fragrance wax melts that you use in a warmer can cause terrible problems for pets. Relevance? When I did use them, either candles or scented wax, I kept them in pet safe places (not easy to do with a cat and 2 dogs!) Answer Save. The holiday season is the perfect time get out those scented candles and stock up on new ones. (The EPA has actually found that scented candles are a major source of candle soot.) The good news is, there are many natural, alternative scented candles that aren’t harmful or toxic. As lovers of cats and having a weakness for scented candles, we recommend a product called “Paw Melts” that are fragrant melts made from a blend of 100% certified organic waxes. So when the wax melts, the chemicals are released into the air. Compare our candles to Pet Odor Exterminator candles and Yankee scented candles. What Makes A Candle Toxic. When breathed, these things can cause lung damage, asthma , and even increase your risk of getting cancer (though this … What the hell!!!! Apparently about 70% of scented candles and wax melts sold in shops contain ingredients which can cause harm to our dogs. Favorite Answer. Most scented candles contain paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum, coal or shale oil. Secondly, are scented wax melts toxic to dogs? All Natural Soy Wax Melts, (3 Pack), Spruce Scented, Non-Toxic, 18 Cubes Total, For use in Tea Light or Flameless Plug In Electric Fragrance Warmers for Tarts, Oils and Candle Wax 4.0 out of 5 stars 5 Great question, Tag-Along! I used them years ago, but my husband developed chronic sinus problems so I had to quit using anything scented. Fresh Citrus Pet House Wax Melt). They’re a go-to when trying to relax and unwind after a long day’s work. With wax melting, you also need two components: a wax melter and scented wax melts. And when's the last time you looked to see what your candles were made of? As lovers of cats and having a weakness for scented candles, we recommend a product called “Paw Melts” that are fragrant melts made from a blend of 100% certified organic waxes. People often use regular scented candles to counter act pet odors but there aren't very safe. Can burning wax cubes (no wick) in burners with tea lights toxic to inhale or harmful in any way? Here is a link to an article that explains it in greater detail and even provides a recipe for DIY safe wax melts. I brought the air wick electric wax melted had it on for just over an hour my dog then seemed to be affected by it she became like she was dosed you on medication turned them off within an hour she was back to herself but she isn’t affected by Yankee wax melts or plug in air fresheners Anecdotal stories abound about the dangers of burning scented candles in an enclosed space. They burn cleaner and last for up to 60 hours! When burned, the paraffin is thought to release carcinogenic soot which can aggravate a number of respiratory issues like asthma, as well as heart issues. Me, the person who won't allow her dogs to eat any old dog treat, has NEVER looked at what my candles were made of. pets can burn themselves on the open flame or with the hot wax. All Pet House wax cubes are made with 100% natural soy wax and never contain paraffin, dyes, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and other toxic ingredients. Thanks to natural soy wax and a cotton wick, our candles are totally non-toxic and safe. A friend has been using one for quite a while and during this time her beloved cat was getting sicker with incessant scratching, pulling out its fur, runny eyes, vomiting. Apple pie, pumpkin spice, and evergreen are some of our favorites — year round, really. Joined: Apr 6, 2014 Messages: 5,708 Turns out that the wax and the wicks may be toxic. Some people do have concerns about Essential Oils like Eucalyptus used in Diffusers as not being a scent safe for use around children/infants. Compare our wax melts to Scentsy, Glade wax melts, Hosley's wax melts, and Candlecopia wax melts. Feel free to use your own blend of essential oils (maybe Christmas Spirit or a fall blend) or, just sticks with plain Lavender. Candles get their scent from artificial fragrances. Are wax melts toxic to cats? ... Every employer I have gone to work for in the past year has let their employees use these scented wax melts in the office.